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Download the free sample and let Dark Sonata drag you into its magical, dark and surreal world. The 16-page PDF edition includes the introduction to the story, following the main character Adam from the beginning of his weird and creepy adventure. Get a first impression of a unique, slightly rigid vector-based digital visual style used for creating illustrations, bringing this story to life and reaching
the overall visual impression to another, much higher, level at the same time.
Hope you’ll enjoy it and help Adam search for his love!



From the moment he receives an unexpected phone call, everything that is happening to Adam is a complete nightmare. He gets involved in a series of
strange and bizarre events while searching for his love – a girl named Annabel.
The weird journey he suddenly fell into, eventually leads him to an obscure
old house where reality and imagination are strongly crossed and the story
is heading for creepy culmination. Adam realizes that everything is possible,
but also that nothing is like it seems…


Making of Dark Sonata

Do you know how long it takes to read a graphic novel? On average,
it takes around 30 minutes. But, do you know how long it takes to make
one? It took more than 5 years for the making of Dark Sonata!


Creepy Little Horror Movie Girls

In this infographic, we have taken on the hard job of ranking what for
us are the five creepiest girls in horror movies. Why only five?
Well, we were simply too scared to continue!

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